Frosty Bears

Remember I said it was cold around here? Cold means frosty horses…

Frosty Cookie Bear

Frosty Cookie…the frost shows the best on her because she’s mostly black.

Frosty Ruby...finally a shot where Ruby kept her eye open!

Frosty Ruby…finally a shot where Ruby kept her eye open!

Every time I lifted the camera, she’d close her eye, and when it’s this cold out, there is very little time to get a shot before things start to fog up!

Frosty Sable?

Frosty Sable?

Yep, that’s how our Sable gets frosty…she is, but you just can’t tell. I blame it on her being a giant blonde.



One thought on “Frosty Bears

  1. Teresa says:

    MJ tends to get frosty too. For some reason the goats don’t. Maybe because they curl up together. Lovely pictures.


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