Tiny Brains

chillinThis picture gives a small idea of what my pasture is like…this is the front west side. It goes to the edge of my property, then goes south around the side of my house, east ’round back, then back north to the front road property line. Essentially, the pasture makes a big squared off “C” around my house, leaving the driveway as the “opening” of the “C”. Pretend that makes sense to you, okay?Screenshot - 101213 - 01:08:40 PMAlright, even better, I took a screen shot from Google maps. The lines on the two sides are rows of the crop the farmer who leased the land from the previous owner planted. Ignore that. It has no bearing on this story. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, in the above picture, 2 horses, Ruby and Sable, were in the west side front pasture, right in front of the house. It’s late…really late. And it’s really cold…Kid and I go out to check on cats, and horses, to discover that we can’t find Cookie.

Well crap. The 3 are almost always together, and if not together, close by. We can’t find Cookie any where. I admit, I started to panic. As cranky and grouchy as she can be, Cookie is my love. The only being I love more than her, is my child. Hubby knows it and he’s fine with it. He knows he’s my best friend, my partner, my Love…but this horse is my Heart Horse.

So, I go to the shelter-across the road and in the gate of the east side pasture-to see if she’s there. Nope. Coming out of the gate, I looked towards the road, and saw her in the front of the east side pasture. Standing in a snow drift, looking lost and confused. Silly Cookie. I’m relieved, because I know where she is, and this I can handle. Except…Ruby is getting frantic because she can’t find Cookie…and yes, my panic brought it on. I know that. Ruby starts calling, whinnying, and pacing.

Before this goes downhill fast(er), we had to figure out how to reunite the girls…because once Ruby realized Cookie was **just across the road** she was even more frantic, because there are gates between them and she can’t get to her. So, we get Hubby, and we try to herd Cookie towards the other 2. She ain’t having none of it, and she gallops off east in the pasture. Crap. The outsides of the pasture are barbed wire, and I’m praying the giant goofus stops before she hits it…this time, she just goes round to the shelter…okay, I’m thinking I can coax her from there, or get a halter and lead rope if need be, but Hubby went over the fence out front, comes up behind and spooks her. Off she goes again. Damn, she’s gorgeous when she’s galloping!

Thankfully, she goes around the back, and as she gets to the west side, Ruby trumpets at her and gallops off towards her…and they were reunited. Next thing I know Ruby’s rearing, and a front hoof connects on Cookie’s shoulder. Cookie steps back, whinnys, and Ruby’s back on 4 hooves. Then there’s squealing and snorting and pushing, and it all ends with Cookie and Ruby chewing each others withers.


Next morning I checked Cookie’s shoulder, and it was fine. No cut, no heat, no tenderness. Just Ruby making it clear, DO NOT DO THAT AGAIN! Both horses were tiptoeing around MamaRu, just in case. MamaRu says stay together, you girls stay together.
Or else.

You listen to MamaRu, or you'll be sorry!

You best listen to MamaRu, or you’ll be sorry!


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  1. gail cavanaugh says:

    they do have tiny brains. your girls are sweet looking horses.


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