The interesting thing about horses is that they’re like children. In my case 1100-1200 lb children…who can stomp on me anytime they like, but mostly chose not to, because, well, I have the hay wagon. And the carrots. And the peppermints. As they mill about, waiting for the hay, you can just see the thought process…”Don’t stomp the food lady! Don’t stomp the food lady!!” It’s pretty funny.

The past few days have been really cold. Soul numbing cold…in case you’re wondering what that is, it’s -30*C, with a strong north wind bringing it down to -43*C. With the cold being that brutal, one thing we’ve done for the girls is make sure they have ample hay. Since I don’t have a bale feeder so they can free feed as they like, that means going out every couple of hours and checking on them, making sure the feeders we do have are full. Sometimes that means forking up the mess-because they like to strew the hay aaaaalllll over the place, and I’m mean, I expect them to eat the mess too. πŸ˜‰

Let me stress here, that it’s not actually me being mean…they will eat the mess too, but why would they if the feeders still get filled and all this hay is on the ground? I just put the mess back into the feeders…sometimes I drop a mint or 3 in, just for fun. Ms. Ruby does love her peppermints! Besides, the hay on the ground, if it does not get forked back into the feeders it gets peed in, pooped in, and then they don’t want to eat it…so, if I beat them to the punch, and get it forked up, they can’t mess it, and then they eat it. Kids. LOL! Besides, hay isn’t cheap!

So, that sets the scene for youse…it’s been cold. Lots and lots of hay out. Big hay messes ’round the feeders.
This morning, I take the puppy out to pee, Sable comes out of the shelter, and I can see one of the feeders is about 1/2 full, plus the scattered mess, so I say good morning to her, and tell her I’ll be out in a bit to put down fresh hay. She goes back to the shelter.
Inside, I feed the puppy, get The Kid ready for school, and we head out to check on cats and horses before the bus comes. Well, the girls have made their way to the front of the pasture. I take the puppy for her after brekkie drop, Kid puts her backpack on the hay bales and goes to see the horses. Then she calls me, saying “You’ll never guess what Sable did!”

I come around the corner to find Ms Long Neck decided she was going to help herself to the hay…mean Mommy wouldn’t run out and put fresh hay down RIGHT NOW, so she pulled the twine off the open bale and helped herself to a couple of flakes. Brat!
That’s what I get for not tying the strings on the other end of the bale-the end I was working from! Had I remembered to tie the strings last night, she could have pulled a few mouthfuls off, and that’s about it, not full flakes!

So, I grabbed the hay fork and flung it over the fence. Told Ruby and Cookie if the hay tastes funny, it’s because Sable spit on it all first. Take it up with her. Then I filled the feeders, and finally, put tonight’s hay on the wheelbarrow and parked it ’round front of the bales. Hopefully Ms Long Neck can’t reach that bale now!

Whatchoo mean I not supposed to eat this?

Whatchoo mean I not supposed to eat this?


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  1. We gotta love ’em right?! our big kids… πŸ™‚ great post. thank you for sharing


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