Reading over previous posts, I’ve realized that I haven’t shared how we came to have Sable. Y’see, when we first went to look at the horses with Blackbird Ranch and Equine Rehab, we were only thinking of 2 horses. I had set my sights on Cookie-who was, at that time, named Nikki. I admit, I had been following the rescue horses for over a year, and when she came into the rescue, I loved her from the very second I set eyes on her pictures. Her registered APHA name is Ima Midnight Tuxedo, and when we named the farm Midnight Calico, I knew, she was going to live out her days here.

We also were interested in meeting Ruby. She a strong boned girl, who, with some training, and riding miles on her, will be a fantastic partner for who ever rides her. Well, first meeting, she wanted nothing to do with me. Hubby and Kid, sort of, because they had the grain bucket. πŸ™‚ But, we fell in love with her too, even if she was stand offish.

So, we put deposits down on the 2 of them, and away we went, dreaming of getting the girls paid for, and home on the farm.

Skip forward a month or so, and we had some time to drive down to the rescue again-about a 2 1/2 hour drive from home!-with the idea of paying off the girls and hopefully, solidifying a ride home for them. We almost missed the Ladies of Blackbird, but ran into them on the gravel road out/in, where we stopped, and they told us to go on to the farm, they’d meet us there.

They took us into the big pasture, where everyone was, and we met the latest horses that came into rescue. Sable had already been there for a month or so, but when we first went out, she wasn’t in the same pasture as Ruby. Well, the horses came at a gallop-and man, oh man, I was I had brought my camera!! What an amazing sight, to see all these creatures thundering towards us!

Kim and Jodi introduced all the newest horses, explained a little about each, and then introduced Sable and Miyo.

Β© Corinne Nykorak

Β© Corinne Nykorak

Miyo is a big, beautiful appaloosa mare. She really is a stunning horse, however, she has…issues. Not to take anything away from her, but this horse will need a very strong-willed, dedicated person to teach her manners, and train her. With the right person, I’m sure, she’ll be fine. That night though, when frustrated, she snapped at Kim’s face. She was frustrated because she kept trying to get close to The Kid, and someone was always in between her and The Kid. Miyo apparently just weaned a foal, so her attraction to The Kid may have had something to do with that. Some animals, once a Mum, always a Mum.

One of the someone’s who was always in between Miyo and The Kid was Sable. She placed herself in between the 2 every chance she got. Then, when we were ready to leave (okay, we didn’t want to leave, but it was getting dark, and everyone had to get home), all the horses galloped off to the other side of the pasture…except Sable.

Ms. Sable stood on the path, and she looked so sad. Kim made a comment about her waiting for a kiss. So Hubby and Kid both, walked back to her, and kissed her muzzle. She stood there, so calm, so happy, that they came back to her…and when they turned to leave, so did she.

As we drove home, we talked about adding Sable to our home. Oh, the other 2 were all for it, but I was hesitant. Crazy to think I was the one hesitating, but it’s true. Before I was ready to commit to anything, I had to make sure we had enough hay, or could get more. There was no way I wanted to take on another 4 hoofer, and not be able to provide the best care possible, and that always starts with food. So, I told them, no promises, but, if we can get more hay, then yes, Sable can come home too.

Well, as you’ve guessed by now, we did manage more hay, and our Sable-Girl came home with Ruby and Cookie. She will forever be a Midnight Calico horse, and for that I am grateful. She’s happy here, with The Kid, who dotes on her like she’s a pocket pony. She really is The Kid’s Heart Horse. I have told The Kid she’d better never leave the farm for long periods of time, because I am sure, Sable will die of a broken heart.

True love is a beautiful thing...

True love is a beautiful thing…





As promised, this post will be all about Ruby. Our Ruby-girl tends to get neglected in the picture dept. some days, because she hides from the camera so well. Well, I’ve been going out with the specific intent of catching her…enjoy!

Yep, hoof is in the feeder.

Yep, hoof is in the feeder.

Someone has been “flipping the table” I call it…which means the feeders keep moving from where they were originally set down. Looks to me like it’s Ruby who has a hoof in these happenings.

snuffling the halter

snuffling the halter

Halters are interesting, as long as you don’t try to put them on her…hahaha! Brat! She’s going have to deal with being haltered, no matter what. She’s young though, and only green broke, so it’ll take some time and patience.

checking out the princess crown

checking out the princess crown

The Santa hat was evil, and the crown was no better, in Ruby’s opinion. She wasn’t wearing that either.

Ms Ruby in front, munching hat, with Cookie coming up behind.

Ms Ruby in front, munching hay, with Cookie coming up behind.

This is one of those pictures I can look at all day long. I just marvel that these 2 live with us. πŸ™‚

Another shot I love...

Another shot I love…

This one wasn’t even an attempt to get Ruby, I wanted to catch Heidi sitting on the fence post. Ruby in the background is a bonus!

This is, hands down, one of the best shots I have taken of Ruby.

This is, hands down, one of the best shots I have taken of Ruby.

It was a complete fluke…Hubby and the Kid were getting Sable into her next *ahem* outfit, and I just happened to look over and see Ruby checking out the hat. She did end up knocking it off the fence into the big trough, scaring herself, which I didn’t get a good shot of, but this makes up for it. This one, I want to frame for the wall. I love how her fuzzy beard shows here.

Christmas Camera Fun

Here on the farm, Christmas was a quiet day. With Daphne being in her cast, we stayed home. Really, who wants a terror puppy with a fibre glass weapon running around their house? Yeah, see, we *have* to live with it…no one else does. So we chose not to inflict that on anyone else. πŸ˜‰

After presents, we went out to feed the girls, and as a part of that, we decided to have a little fun…



It started inside, with the house cats…



There’s none of Daphne with antlers, because she really just wanted to eat them. Next, we went to the willing outdoor cats…



Heidi was the most accommodating of the outdoor cats. But then, she’s a bit of an odd ball.



Once we were done with outdoor cats-Max was having none of this tomfoolery, and Fiona wasn’t letting us anywhere near her (I’ll tell y’all later about Marco and Polo)-we decided that horses must participate in the fun too…

Hubby tries to convince Ruby that the Santa hat isn't evil.

Hubby tries to convince Ruby that the Santa hat isn’t evil. (Don’t look at the burrs…slowly, I’m working on getting them out)

She still wasn’t sure, no matter what he said…

When she checked it our herself, she knocked it down, which spooked her.

When she checked it our herself, she knocked it down, which spooked her.

Once she spooked over the Santa hat, she was done. No way were we going to get the halter on her and humiliate her with stuff on her head. Sable, however…

Santa Sable

Santa Sable

Sable stood for the halter, the Santa hat, the reindeer antlers, and the princess crown…

Sable the Reindeer

Sable the Reindeer

I'm a pretty Princess!

I’m a pretty Princess!

This horse really is a doll…she stood like a dream for these shots, was more than happy to please, and was so disappointed when it was done. I look forward to getting a training refresher on her, because I can’t wait to see what her and Kid can do together!

Look at the smile on that horse's really is true love.

Look at the smile on that horse’s face…it really is true love.

Finally, we tried to convince Cookie that a. the halter wasn’t going to kill her. No go…she wasn’t having anything to do with the halter… and b. that the stuff we wanted her to wear wasn’t so bad either…well, that went marginally better, as you can see…

Princess Cookie

Princess Cookie (gotta love Ruby’s photobomb!)

She’s not sad, even though she looks it, I promise. It’s the Quarter Horse in her…she has a very stereotypical QH look…she was actually quite happily munching here, and settled after I hung the halter on the fence. It’s something we’ll have to work on with her, convincing her that nothing bad is going to happen, just because the Human has a halter with them. It’ll come, with time.

Oh Daphne!!

A bit of excitement on the farm this past week. Not the good kind.
Our pup Daphne has been injured. She will recover though, and that is the very best news!

It all started with the couch…

We don’t allow dogs on the couch. Even when we were in the city, OldWoman was not allowed on the couch. Dogs, IMO, have their places to sleep…they have kennels, they have dog beds, they have rugs, they have the floor. In my home, dogs do not go on furniture. Call me mean, I don’t care. That’s how it is. Also, remember, we’re on a farm now, and one of Daphne’s very favorite things is freshly dropped horse shit. Yup, Puppy likes to roll in it, so no, she doesn’t get to go on the couch.

That said, she’s a puppy, and still learning that couch sitting is not for her. Usually a loud “Off” works, sometimes you have to call her name first, and then she takes a great leap off the couch and runs to you. Other times, she hears her name and sits and wiggles. Puppies!

Wednesday night, she decided she wanted to sit on the couch next to Daddy, and when she jumped up, Hubby and I both yelled “Daphne! Off!” Daphne went to make the great leap and landed wrong on her right front foot. It was apparent from the second she landed that she was hurt, and bad. She cried and cried and cried…The Kid started crying. Hubby grabbed Daphne, I hugged The Kid…Daphne peed from the pain.

Alright, clearly, a trip to the vet was necessary. Away we went…we tried the vet down the road, but his office was closed. Same with the one in the next town, so off to the city to the late night vet clinic.
Daphne rode in my lap the entire way, yelping a bit here and there, but mostly just snuggling. Every now and then she’d lick my face, and sigh.

Once we got to the clinic, the techs tried to weigh her…poor pup couldn’t put any weight on her paw though. Instead of poking and prodding, the vet just did a x-ray. Definitely for the best. And it turns out pup broke the bones across the top of her paw.

Look at your hand. Those bones across the back of your hand that link your wrist to your fingers? Yep, that’s what Baby broke. All 4 of them. 😦

The night vet thought she might have to have pins put in so that the bones would heal, but there was nothing she could do for us at 10:00 at night, other than splint Daphne’s foot and send us home. She sent the x-rays to the head vet, and to an orthopedic veterinary surgeon. Thursday morning we got the call that told us Daphne would not need pins-well, it would be a last resort, because 1. it’s invasive, 2. it takes longer to heal, and 3. it’s incredibly expensive-but the head vet wanted to set the bones better than the night vet had. He was sure he could give Daphne a better chance at 98% healed usage of the paw. So, away we went again, and Puppy had to go under for a full cast.

Daphne's Cast

This is what $1500 buys you…an armpit high puppy cast.

Her cast goes from her little puppy armpit to down past her toes. Thankfully, the vet put a fibreglass outer layer to it, because there is no way to have Daphne not use that leg for 6-8 weeks!

Getting some loving!

Getting some loving!

We have the wool sock over the cast to discourage chewingΒ  and to help keep her leg warm. One thing I remember from when I broke my leg was how cold the cast got, and fast!

Having some lettuce.

Having some lettuce.

She’s on tramadol for pain, which like most narcotics, tends to dehydrate. So, I have to make sure she drinks enough, but not so much that when she’s in the kennel she has accidents. If she gets the cast wet, it will have to be changed. So, lettuce! She’d never had lettuce before, and I figured giving her a chunk would be interesting. Plus, it has the added bonus of mental stimulation. Oh my, how Puppy enjoyed it! After all, iceberg lettuce is just crunchy water. πŸ™‚ Well, now it’s a dog toy too!

The Glamorous Life

We had to run into town last night for a few groceries. It doesn’t happen often, but I ran out of coffee. In order to save the entire farm from encountering an incredible horror, Hubby said, “Let’s go get some!” That Hubby, he’s a smart man. He knows, coffee will save his life. πŸ˜‰

In the store we were goofing a bit about buying apples to share with the Girls. Well, we didn’t buy any, but the goofing off went on until we hit the cashier…and she, trying to be friendly jumped into the conversation. Kid had said something about Sable being an apple hog, and the girl wanted to know if Sable was her puppy…and I said “Yeah, if a 1200 lb horse can be a puppy!” Her reply was “Oh! You have horses!!” and off she went telling us about her friend who lives near the next small town to us, and that they like to drive the gravel roads and look at people’s horses, and how there’s 3 new ones on a particular road, and the 2 paints are gorgeous, especially the black and white one…

“Cookie” Kid says…”Her name is Cookie, and she’s my Mom’s horse”

And the gushing started again…LOL! Small community, word gets around with new animals, and this girl was so in love with the look of Cookie. So, I added, “The big Palomino girl is Sable, and that’s Kid’s horse”

Then the girl goes on to tell us how lucky we are (Yup, I agree!!) that our life must be so glamorous, having 3 horses! We can ride all the time, and lay in the straw with them and, and, and…

Oh my. Glamorous? Okay, here’s my “glamorous” day…

3:10 am…Hubby’s alarm goes off. I roll over and ignore it. He gets up, takes the dog out, leaves for work.
4:57 am…Daphne starts to whine from her kennel. Daddy is up, why isn’t anyone else?
5:02…I turn the alarm off-it isn’t supposed to go off for another hour, but hey, who can sleep through the puppy alarm anyways?
5:05…coffee is cooking, I hit the shower.
5:10… out of the shower, dress, take the puppy out, check on the girls-when its real cold, they’re in the shelter, and I just get quiet whuffs of acknowledgement. I leave them be, so I don’t wake them. Check the feeder, then take puppy back in and have coffee.
Somewhere between 5:45 and 6:30 I wake The Kid. Get her breakfast going, she eats, Daphne eats, I have another coffee.
7:30…out the door to feed the cats, check the Girls again, and fling hay.
8:00…Kid gets on the bus. I finish flinging hay, check the shelter for giant pony piles. Fork them out, and add new bedding if needed. Fork pony poo from around the feeder to the temporary pile-because come spring, we’ll figure out where to put the poo for composting-use the hay fork to re-fill the feeder with the strewn hay.
9:00…check on the Girls in the front of the pasture, climb the fence, and get some horsey loving from every one. Sometimes this happens before hay flinging too.
10:00…inside for coffee and breakfast, plus whatever house work needs doing.
11:00…sit down to do some “real” work. Photo edits, sewing, anything that some how will make the farm some money.
1:00…back out to check on the Girls and cats…make sure food and water are okay-both have heated water dishes, so I just check levels and make sure they are heating properly. Get a little horse loving…I try to remember to bring a brush out, so everyone gets a little grooming.
2-2:30…back in to start dinner, and have coffee.
3:30…outside again. Check the Girls, wait for The Kid to get off the bus…Hubby is usually home by now. Family horse loving ensues.
4:30ish…supper, clean up, feed the puppy.
5:00…Kid does homework, Hubby showers, I read the paper.
6:00…back into the cold weather gear, final hay check, make sure there is a lot for the night, make sure cats have food, some more horse love.
7:00…finally, a chance to sit on the couch, maybe watch a pvr’d show. Puppy plays with her chunk of broccoli.
8:30…Daphne goes out for the last time-Hubby takes one last look into the feeders, and the pasture out front to be sure the Girls are good, says goodnight to them.
9:00…lights out.

And that, folks, is my glamorous life!

Oh, and I must point out, never, ever do I want to lay in the straw with the Girls…I’ve seen them pee…it’s gallons at a time. Lay in the straw with them? Uh, no. Not unless I absolutely had to!

Frosty Bears

Remember I said it was cold around here? Cold means frosty horses…

Frosty Cookie Bear

Frosty Cookie…the frost shows the best on her because she’s mostly black.

Frosty Ruby...finally a shot where Ruby kept her eye open!

Frosty Ruby…finally a shot where Ruby kept her eye open!

Every time I lifted the camera, she’d close her eye, and when it’s this cold out, there is very little time to get a shot before things start to fog up!

Frosty Sable?

Frosty Sable?

Yep, that’s how our Sable gets frosty…she is, but you just can’t tell. I blame it on her being a giant blonde.