Excuse the Silence

We’re readying for winter.
Trying to find a 2nd vehicle.
Chasing The Kid in her extra curricular activities.
And getting the horses settled in.

I just started putting hay down for the horses, though they showed no interest until early this morning. The feeders are close to the shelter, so they come into the shelter when the wind is bitter and eat, then wander off in the day time to paw the snow and eat the grass underneath. The grass in the back of the pasture was up to my underarms-and I’m no short stack!-before the snow hit. Beautiful full leaf grass that the girls have been loving.

Yesterday, The Kid and I gave sliced apples as treat…yikes! It’s like Pony Crack, I tell ya! We’ll have to be careful about apples as treats…the big palomino girl, Sable-who is head over heels in love with The Kid-has decided she’s lead mare, and anyone who wants treats has to get past her.

My girl, Nikki, has had rough treatment in her life before the Rescue. Sadly, it shows, and we’re trying to work past it. Sometimes she comes easily, others, not. Most times, I have to go to her, hood down, gloves off, so she can scent me easily, and then we can get together for some loving. It’s interesting, she’ll let me close with gloves on, but when I touch her, I can feel her leaning away. Yet, if I take one glove off, the hand I’m touching her with, she leans into the touch. She has a good heart, my girl does. There is not a mean bone in this mare’s body. When she doesn’t want to be touched, she just turns and walks away. No buck, no bolt, no bite, no kick, just turns and walks away. Maybe I’m anthropomorphizing here, but I think she knows we (I) won’t hurt her, she’s just not quite ready to let us (me) in yet. It’s okay, I have time to wait for her to be ready, and I keep telling her that. Her ears flick towards me constantly, so I know she’s listening.

Back to the apples…Sable and Ruby happily gobbled theirs up, but Nikki was getting in her own way. She wanted and she wanted to come get a piece, but was so unsure. Finally, she got brave and ambled over…she sniffed the apple, lipped it, and let me scratch her forelock. And then…*sigh* Sable decided to assert her mareness, and snapped at Nikki’s neck to drive her off. Frustrated, I hollered at Sable to “quit being such a bitch!”… and my Nikki turned and ran.

So I’ve spent the last couple hours feeling pretty damn bad about it. I let my frustration get the better of me, and I have to show more patience with this horse. I should have gone to her, to ensure she had a better chance of getting a taste of the apple.Β  Next time, I will. I’m learning. She’s learning. We’re in this together, for the long haul.