Random Farm Pictures

Also known as pictures of the animals…because that’s the main subject here at Midnight Calico Farm. Animals. With winter trying to make its mark-and it will, soon!-the building has come to a sputtering halt. Except for today…we have the survey company out, marking the borders of our land, so that come spring-or the very second we can pound in some fence posts-we can start fencing. We have a smallish pasture(about 8ish acres) right now, but I want to fence the rest of the land to create rotating pastures. 1 more for the horses, and the rest for the meat animals. Until then, here’s some current resident pictures…

Fiona...adjusting well to free life in the garage.

Fiona…adjusting well to free life in the garage.

Max, the King of all he sees. :)

Max, the King of all he sees. πŸ™‚

Heidi-Cat. My 1/2 cat, 1/2 daemon.

My 1/2 cat, 1/2 daemon.

I know that there is more than just a cat inside this body. Of that I have no doubt. Heidi-Cat and I have an agreement, though. She can stay, so long as she causes no trouble, and does no harm to any of the official farm residents. In exchange, she has access to hunting, warmth, and treats. Plus, love and affection from The Kid, and of course the rest of us. πŸ™‚ If she breaks the agreement, I will Banish her.



Showing a touch of his winter coat here…here’s another shot of it:



Yep, our “black” kitten has white hairs growing in…this only started when he started growing his winter coat. I’m curious to see what happens come spring. Will he shed out the white, or keep it? Only time will tell.



It was snowing, she played, and rolled, and dashed and tried catching snow flakes…then settled down with her stick, to chew and wait for Heidi-Cat to come play with her. She loves Heidi-Cat.


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  1. gail cavanaugh says:

    a handsome and happy crew you have there.


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