The Elusive Fiona

Just over a week ago, Hubby was working outside, while I was working inside. When he finished, we decided to sit and watch some mindless tv together. πŸ™‚

As I came out of the library/office, I looked out the front window and said “Uh, we have a kitten in the front yard!” After a chase, a near face clawing and a kittenly collapse from exhaustion, Hubby caught this ball of fluff. It clearly was not from around here, because it ran blindly, with fear, from all of us, and got caught up in some snow fencing.

Hubby came over to the pasture fence, and held up this little hissing thing…as tired as it was, it was still ready to start some shit, let me tell you! Well, to get out of the pasture, he had to climb the fence, so he handed the hissing fluff to me. I had a hold of its scruff and tucked the bottom end into my sweater…yes, I know, there was a chance to get pooped on, but it was cold, and the poor thing was so scared, I figured, poop or no poop, this thing needed to snuggle.

It snuggled in, and drifted off to sleep rather quickly. Once it was settled, I flipped the little one to see what we had…it’s a girl!

Hubby called her a “pretty little princess” to which we said “NO!!” Never, ever name a female “Princess”, because they then act like one. Since this one was so fierce, and regal at the same time, Princess fit, but, no spoiled princesses allowed! So, Fiona it was. πŸ™‚

We put her in the kitty kennel in the garage, with food, and water, and left her for the night.

Since then, it’s been a hit and miss on when we see her. Until today…she came out and decided to play in the sunshine, and I was able to get some pictures.

Comfortable enough her to groom in the sunshine.

Comfortable enough for her to groom in the sunshine.

She heard the beep from the camera...

She heard the beep from the camera…

Oh, look! I found my foot!

Oh, look! I found my foot!



The Kids have fun playing together.

The Kids have fun playing together.

Uh oh...spotted. Fun has to stop!

Uh oh…spotted. Fun has to stop!

Oh my, don't we have catitude?

Oh my, don’t we have catitude?

Brat. She's sticking her toungue out at me.

Brat. She’s sticking her tongue out at me.

We figure she was dumped here. What leads us to that conclusion is the fact that while Hubby was locking up the garage, he saw the same car drive past the property 3 times really slow…as in less than 5 mph. He figures on one of those passes, Fiona ended up out the window.

What makes me mad about this is if the driver had just come in the yard and said “Hey, want this kitten?” we would have taken her. It would have been way less stress on her, and so much easier to acclimatize her to farm life. Not to mention, it would have been the decent thing to do, instead of dropping her out a moving car window.

At least she’ll have a good home here.


3 thoughts on “The Elusive Fiona

  1. ivyhillfarm says:

    She’s so beautiful! What an idiot to dump her (not to mention a pretty little Siamese like that would have fetched a fair price on Kijiji); Fiona is very lucky she ended up at your farm!


    • WolfSong says:

      We’re working on trying to tame her a bit…we screwed up with her the first night, by not closing her in the kennel so we could catch her the next day. But then, we didn’t know for sure she was dumped, or if she came from a neighbour’s place. Now we know, because she hasn’t left.

      I’m looking forward to when her and Spooky mature, because we now have the foundation for the clowder…assuming they both survive the winter…and the way The Kid spoils them, I don’t see that being a problem!


  2. gail cavanaugh says:

    she’s a pretty little thing. wishing her and spooky well


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