Walking the Land

Some days on a farm are challenging.
Yesterday, friends, was one of them.

We are in an area where there are 1000s of geese. We have a National Wildlife Preserve a mile away, plus we are right in the flight path to Oak Hammock Marsh. Good for us, since Hubby wants to hunt geese, and has managed a few for the freezer. Bad for us because there are unethical folks around who think that they can hunt wherever they see the birds.

Yesterday, we had an issue with unethical hunters…one that involved Manitoba Conservation, Hubby racing home from work early, a pair of hunting guides(they helped us out, they weren’t part of the problem), and the RCMP-because the American hunter decided to drive the roads around our property, watching our house with binoculars for 4 hours after being chased off the land.

Once he gave up, we decided to go into town and get some “No Trespassing” signs and put them up. That, unfortunately, brought out some ugliness with a neighbour (who called me a f***ing c*** in front of my daughter-that’s now going to be handled by my lawyer…)To do that, we had to walk the perimeter of our land.

Oh, what a joy it was being out there, seeing the land that we own…it has had a few years of hard farming, but you can Feel the spark of The Mother under the surface waiting…waiting for someone to let Her burst forth into the glory that she once was. Walking the land, I Felt Her, I knew…just knew, this was home, my place, that place to coax the Mother back to life, to grow the pastures and trees to sustain us and our animals. It was a beautiful thing!


2 thoughts on “Walking the Land

  1. gail cavanaugh says:

    walking your land is so very grounding – no pun intended


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