Frustrations of a New Farm

We are new to this farming thing. Well, I spent a ton of time on family farms growing up, but you don’t, as a kid, pay attention to all the things needed to run a farm. Now, I’m paying attention.

We’ve been here just over a month now, and with promises of a horse for The Kid, comes the need for hay. Finding hay locally has been a bit of a challenge. Most people with hay to sell are out by now…it is October already! Those who do still have hay have wild grass bales…cut from the ditch along the highway. I’m leery of those for horses. Any insight from other farmers out there? Could you, or would you, feed these bales to horses? Oh, and nearly everything left is round bales.

Which puts me in a different situation. Even with delivery, I have to be able to get those bales off the trailer. Round bales go from 1200-1800 lbs…yeah, so I need a tractor. See the dilemma here? To get horses (and a cow, hopefully!), I need hay, to get hay, I need a tractor to unload the hay.

Now for the fun part. In order to get a tractor, I need the proceeds from the sale of the city house to come through. *sigh* That takes time. Typically, 2 to 3 weeks. We’re at the 2 week point, time for hay is getting short, and the money may take another week yet.

We’ll get there, though. I did find someone with medium square bales for sale-those run 800 lbs-and I’m checking local landscaping places to see if I can rent a guy and a bobcat for a day, to un-load some hay. Sometimes, you have to think outside the box to get things done. 😉


6 thoughts on “Frustrations of a New Farm

  1. ivyhillfarm says:

    you’re right to be leery of roadside bales; I wouldn’t feed them (unless I had 0 choice) to anything of mine; poor quality, dusty as hell, with who knows what kind of garbage hidden inside. Slough bales are no good for horses either, only dry cattle, and not great at that


    • WolfSong says:

      Yeah, I was thinking that. Ditch food just seemed so wrong…
      The guy I ended up going with has the medium squares. I’m paying $.08/lb delivered(plus whatever I have to pay to get them off the trailer), but he’s willing to get a feed test done for me. They are grass/alfalfa mix, he says that he sells to other horse owners in the area, I can come check out his bales before delivery(and paying!), and he’s given me references to follow up on. So, I’m hoping that the hay is worth the money.


      • ivyhillfarm says:

        it’s a bit expensive, but all hay is this year, so it still seems good for what you’re getting (plus the delivery is great too). It sounds good


  2. Teresa says:

    Glad you found some hay!


    • WolfSong says:

      Me too! We’re supposed to meet a Tennesse Walking Horse colt Sunday that the owner is giving away…she can’t afford to keep him 😦 and doesn’t want to send him to auction.


      • Toosh says:

        Can’t wait to see which ponies you end up bringing home! I’m sure it won’t be easy to choose, they all have lovability about them!


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